Our Story - House of Dara

Our Story

Love For Culture

Dara Ayoola was Born and raised in Nigeria. She later moved to London England to school and now resides in Toronto, Canada. Growing up in the Nigerian culture has given her a passion to express herself boldly. Her favourite things about the Nigeria and African fashion is ability to wear beautiful bold, chic, and unique colourful prints without apology. Second best thing is the food.

In an era where culture can be easily lost, She believes it is time to not only express it for ourselves, but also for our children. She believes African culture should be shared with friends and families and not hidden in your closet only for special occasions.

Love for Styles, trends

From a young age Dara has had an eye for fashion from shoes to hair to accessories She keeps a keen eye for whats new. She believes one should have comfort while looking good and infusing african clothing to everyday life should be easy.

She has created lovely fashion forward pieces and items that do just that.

Love for People

Dara has always had a love for people. Fun fact, one of her favorite down times is having get togethers at her home from potlucks to barbecues. She loves helping and mentoring younger ones in her community to achieve and become the best.

We help fashion forward favs infuse afro urban culture to their daily attire.

Its Street style our style

House of Dara creates handmade clothing and accessories. With carefully picked prints and styles we take care of you from head to toe. We believe comfort and style should be easy to achieve. We are passionate about everything we provide and cant wait for you to be part of the our family.

She is so excited to be Living in Toronto Canada better known as one of most diverse cities In the world . Toronto being so diverse, allows freedom for individuals and groups to share, express, teach and learn from other. House of Dara is a safe place to start when it comes to learning and trying the african culture.

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